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Integrating bluetooth to embedded systems


When searching for bluetooth — look for "bluetooth chip" or "bluetooth singlechip". It seems the standard way to divide up the bluetooth modules happens to be:

  • Bluetooth transceiver and antenna
  • Bluetooth baseband controller
  • Bluetooth codec modules (may be integrated into baseband chip)
  • Flash

The baseband controller tends to have USB and UART support (sometimes PCM for audio) to talk to the external host and they encapsulate the 'MAC' layer, the encryptions and foo and part of the HCI transport layer.

HCI is "host controller interface" and is the transport layer for bluetooth (think 'TCP/IP' equivalent for bluetooth).

Single-chip Bluetooth


  • All SoCs are surface mount BGA or CSP
  • Difficult to "solder" or interface with without robotically built CADed board
  • Consider getting larger easier-to-interface Bluetooth solutions


Complete DIP Bluetooth Solutions



Misc Solutions

A list of a lot of bluetooth things but it has a lot of dead links also

All (most?) of the above happen to be fine pitch BGA chips. Is this going to be a problem in terms of getting the package to interact with our AVR or something like that

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