18-549: Embedded Systems Capstone
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Our project is a device to help you remember things. It will be able to connect to a computer (hopefully via bluetooth) to synchronize with a calendar application running on the computer. The calendar application will make sure the device is set to the right time and also download your events for the next some period of time to the device. Each event will have some color associated with it. As the time for that event approaches, a tricolor LED on the device will gradually start to turn the color of that event, letting you know that an event is approaching.

There will also be a second tri-color LED. The calendar app will allow plugins that let you choose various functionality for this second tri-color LED. Some proposed plugins would be bus schedules (it would glow a certain color some period of time before a bus would come), weather (it would glow a certain color based off the weather outside), stock market (could glow different colors based off how your stocks are doing), etc.

The device will also have some way to indicate that its power source is almost empty so you know you have to recharge it soon.

This entire device would be encapsulated in a semi-opaque orb so you cannot see the circuitry. You would only be able to see the colors glowing through the orb. The LEDs would be 180 degrees apart from each other so their glowing interferes as little as possible with each other. The device would also have capacitive sensors so it knows when a person is touching it and some sort of pressure sensor/button you can press. These will be used to reduce power consumption (e.g. it only lights up when something is touching it).

Our previous idea for the second LED is below:

You will also be able to associate items with an event where each item is associated with a passive RFID identifier and a color. That information will also be downloaded to the device when it is connected to the computer. As an event approaches, the device will see if all the necessary RFID identifiers are present within a certain distance of the person. If any items are missing, a second tricolor LED will light up with the color of the missing item, informing you that you are missing an item. (What happens if you are missing multiple items? Should we allow some way to cycle through all missing items?).

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